Meet Garrett

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Lawyer by day, grill-king by night, Garrett is the lead meat guy at Lagniappe Table (though he is much more than that!). He is inspired by his Cajun heritage as well as his travels to Europe and Asia. He loves to collect and read cookbooks. He is a perfectionist in the kitchen and an expert at mise en place. Garrett enjoys perfecting his favorite dishes as well as trying out new recipes and techniques. His happy place is in our back yard oasis listening to music, and manning the smoker as friends and family gather around the giant farmhouse table (that he built!).

Fun Facts About Garrett

  • Garrett spent some of his formative years living on a small family farm in Louisiana. He had cows named steak and hamburger (if you catch my drift), as well as milk cows. I think this is where he gets his love of farm-fresh, high quality ingredients.
  • He doesn’t like ice cream. I blame that milk cow and a summer of too much delicious homemade ice cream.
  • Though his studies led him to a career in law, he is amazing with computers and technology. He also has an incredible flair for the creative. He’s an excellent writer and a fabulous photographer.
  • He has lived overseas in France and Korea (teaching English), as well as England, Cambodia, Belgium.
  • He loves to read science fiction fantasy novels, and is a huge board game fanatic. 
  • He makes the best bacon – EVER!

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