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Welcome to Lagniappe Table!

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Hi y’all! Welcome to Lagniappe Table! We are so glad you’re here!!!

We are Garrett & Mary Clark. This blog is something we have been talking about and dreaming of for so long. A place to share our adventures around the table as we cook, homeschool, create, and just enjoy life together as a family. We hope to share delicious recipes and fellowship ideas. Homeschool inspiration and encouragement. Family adventures and fun!

large outdoor farmhouse table with benches and string lights above

Why Lagniappe Table?

Oh, how we love to gather around the table! There is nothing we enjoy more than hosting a party. Planning a fun menu. Gathering family and friends. Preparing a delicious meal. And soaking up the fellowship and laughter.

We don’t really do fancy – think paper towels instead of linen napkins. But we do like to add a little something special – a little “lagniappe.” Meals around our table are rarely perfect, often messy, and some may say – a bit loud (especially as our family has grown!). But what we lack in refinement, we hope is made up for in making sure you ALWAYS feel at home – and like you’re part of our family – when you are gathered at our table.

Pizza dinner on DIY table in progress - imperfect but delicious

Lagniappe – noun – la·gniappe / lan’yap/   Lagniappe is a commonly used expression in cajun regions of Louisiana, and means: a surprise, an unexpected gift, a bonus. In short, it’s a little something extra.

Garrett is from Louisiana – Cajun country. The land of crawfish and beignets. Zydeco and bayous. Boudin and gumbo. Atchafalaya and jambalaya. A place where you will be welcomed like family, and there’s always a little something extra – a little lagniappe.

Crawfish boil

Over the whirlwind of the past few years, we have found ourselves spending the majority of our time gathered around the table. Eating, learning, playing, creating, and laughing. We would love to have you join us at our actual table (and if you’re in Nashville, give us a shout!)! But in the meantime, we hope that this little corner of the internet will be a place where you find fellowship, encouragement, and some delicious recipes to share around your table. Plus – just a little something extra – a little lagniappe.

So pull up a chair. Make yourself at home. Pour yourself a glass of sweet tea. And know, you are ALWAYS welcome here at our lagniappe table!

Friends gathered outside around lagniappe table for a crawfish boil

Laissez les bon temps rouler! Let the good times roll!

Find out more about who we are and what we’re about HERE.

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